Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cackling Geese stop over Canadian Tire

For more than a week, three Cackling Geese and two Canada Geese have been spending their days on a small patch of grass in front of Canadian Tire, on the busiest street in Marathon.

Band recoveries cited by Ken Abraham of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources indicate that the population of Cackling Goose which passes through northwest Ontario breeds on southern Baffin Island.

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This mixed flock can sometimes be seen along near the town boat launch on Lake Superior.
More on the Cackling Goose

Distinguishing Cackling and Canada Goose from Sibley Guides.

Cackling Goose, not new to Ontario by Ken Abraham [published first in OFO News 23(1):2-6. February 2005.]

Mlodinow, S.G., Springer, P.F., Deuel, B., Semo, L.S., Leukering, T., Schonewald, D., Tweit, W., and J.H. Barry. 2008. Distribution and identification of Cackling Goose (Branta hutchinsii) subspecies. North American Birds 62:344-360 (pdf).

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