Friday, December 24, 2010

Varied Thrush (near Kitchener)

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A handful of Varied Thrushes have been reported from Ontario in recent weeks - several from southern and eastern Ontario and one from the north shore, near Rossport. We looked for but didn't see the Rossport bird a few weeks ago.

Other VATHs have been seen recently in the American midwest - Michigan (Mason Co., Dec 14; Barry Co., Jan 1) and Wisconsin (Waushara Co., Dec 20; Door Co., Feb 11); Illinois (Dekalb Co, Jan 14).

A more extraordinary occurrence was that of a male observed November 10-15 at Netitishi Point in southern James Bay by Alan Wormington and Brandon Holden.

Further east a female has been wintering in New York City's Central Park since late November.

This morning, we photographed a female which has been coming to a feeder near Kitchener since December 14th. There's a nice write-up on this bird in the local paper and some terrific photos on a K-W bird sightings message board.

[Update: The bird's ongoing visit was profiled in the January 23rd Kitchener Record.]

More excellent photos were taken Feb 10, 2011 by Jean Iron.

I expect more Varied Thrushes will show at feeders across the province in the coming weeks.

We gave some thought to the visitations of Varied Thrushes on our old central Ontario blog.

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