Saturday, December 3, 2011

White-winged gulls at the Town of Marathon landfill

Gull viewing conditions at the town landfill were better than usual today - the gates were open and several hundred gulls were present and cooperative. These birds have become habituated to the dump trucks, graders and bulldozers associated with the operation of the landfill. They slowly walked out of the path of my truck as I slowly drove, about 10 metres at a time, through the loafing flock. If I had been on foot, I wouldn't have been able to get closer than 100 metres or so without flushing them.

Almost all were mature Herring Gulls.

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Usually two or three Glaucous Gulls overwinter in town. Iceland Gulls are less common. This sharp looking first cycle bird was the first we've seen this autumn.

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