Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carolina Wren in Marathon!

After nearly two weeks away in southern Ontario, we awoke this morning to the songs and calls of a Carolina Wren in our back yard. I recorded some of the vocalizations.

So far I've watched the bird fly back and forth among our trees and shrubs but I haven't been able to grab any stills. I'll post photos if I can get any.

The species has been seen before here in Marathon - on October 8, 1988 - by our friend Stan Phippen. I know of only one other report from the Thunder Bay District, interestingly, also in early August - [6 Aug 1957] by Paul Harrington, 25 km east of Longlac.

[update] Alan Wormington adds the following (thanks Alan):
We all saw that Carolina Wren in 1988, since it was found during a scheduled OFO trip to Lake Superior. 
There are two additional records of Carolina Wren for Thunder Bay District, but apparently both were not documented and submitted to OBRC. They were at Mackenzie Beach (December 2005) and Thunder Bay (December 2006/January 2007). A bit surprising that Thunder Cape has apparently never had one!

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