Friday, February 19, 2016

Autofocus fail...a quiz of sorts.

There are many upsides to keeping a zoomy point-and-shoot within reach. Most notably, so-called bridge cameras like our ca. 2014 Canon PowerShot 50 SX HS are cheap and compact. Ours fits easily in a daypack or a small dry bag and travels everywhere with us.

Much has been written about the pros and cons of p-and-s (vs. SLR) photography. One little known fact about bridge cameras is that the autofocus technology was engineered by a cadre of savvy botanists such that the focus algorithm selects plant matter at the margin of the field rather than the mega-rare creature in the centre. Really.

Inadvertently I document flora when I'm gunning for fauna. Feel free to ID the blurry incidental fauna, all captured in Canadian National Parks.

Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera)
White Spruce (Picea glauca)
Prickly Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis)
Silver Sagebrush (Artemisia cana)
Willow (Salix sp.)

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